So, first off I should have posted this on Tuesday after the monument tour, but when I got back to the dorm I was sooo exhausted, anyway. Tuesday was the day I was most looking forward to, due to the monument tour, and it surely delivered. From lunch at Bukka Di Beppo to the Washington Monument, Tuesday was an incredible day I’ll never forget.


WJMC: Day 1-Arrival and Welcome

Today was a day I have been waiting for since Mid-December when I received an email announcing my nomination to the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. When I woke up, my stomach was a whole colony of butterflies, but once my flight landed and I was welcomed by the friendly staff here at WJMC, it instantly made me feel welcome. Today was a mellow day/night, the real fun begins tomorrow when we visit the Newseum.

WJMC: Day 0

After a long day of driving from my hometown in Louisiana to Dallas Texas, I take a moment to reflect on my schedule for next week. It would seem that tomorrow once my flight touches down in D.C. I hit the ground running, meeting the staff and checking in to my room upon arrival is the highlight of tomorrow. I can’t wait to meet my fellow conference delegates from around the country!

Preparing for WJMC 2016

Several months ago, when I was first accepted as a youth delegate to attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference, I could hardly believe the honor, or the possibility that I would actually attend. Now, less then a week away with my flight booked, bags packed, and conference attitude ready, I can still hardly believe that I will be spending a week on the George Mason campus for this incredible opportunity, wish me luck!