Once Upon A Time Recap/Review: I’ll Be Your Mirror (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Recap to this Point: Zelena seems to be getting weary of the Evil Queen, Queenie is receiving some “special” attention from Rumple, (By the way, Ew), Snow and Charming now share a sleeping curse, as a result of the heart the now share.

Which leads us to…

This episode begins with a look at how Snow and Charming are coping with the effects of The Queen’s curse. They certainly have an interesting dynamic, one being asleep while the other is awake and spending time with Neal and the rest of the family. They use a notepad to communicate, Charming even buying Snow flowers to cheer her up.
But that was a small part of the episode, and arguably one of the most interesting dynamics of it.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

When leaning down to kiss charming awake, Snow focuses on the mirror. Which leads to her somehow knowing that the Evil Queen is watching her, just like she has in the past, and throws a candle stick at the mirror, causing it to shatter. (What exactly is everyone’s deal with mirrors?) And of course, she was right, the Evil Queen was watching her through a hand mirror, smirk in place as always.
In other news, Henry has his first middle school dance later that night, (Seriously, am I the only one who wasn’t convinced by him only being in Middle School?) He mentions wanting to take Violet out to the dance, but also alludes that she’s been distant to him, and that most of their dates have been watching old High School romcoms. The scene then cuts to Regina in her vault, yanking the curtains over the mirror that hangs there before Emma enters, the two exchange words, Regina taking the blame for the current happenings before revealing that she has enchanted a mirror to trap the queen, using, surprise-Henry as bait.
Henry is on the beach when the Queen approaches him, the two exchange words with Evil Regina stating that she is his true mother because she toughened him up, and Emma and Regina didn’t. He tells her that he’s not afraid of her at all, and is promptly magicked away by Emma. They try to use the mirror on the Queen before the Queen reveals that she’s always one step ahead of them, and reveals she switched the mirrors, trapping them in the real one, before it shatters.

The Thief Returns

During this time we see Belle approach Zelena, and beg her to help her escape Rumple with her child, surprise surprise, Zelena refuses. Until Belle appeals to her better nature and she agrees, stipulating that all Belle has to do, is get the Sorcerer’s wand back from her husband. (If their still married that is?) And she enlists the help of Storybrooke’s resident thief, Aladdin. He seems to be interested in it, but of course Jasmine tries to talk him out of it, as she is solely focused on returning to Agrabah with him to save the kingdom, but once Zelena mentions that Rumple has the shears, Aladdin readily agrees.

The Queen’s Game

After sending Emma and Regina to the Land of Mirrors, Evil Queen appears in Snow’s apartment complex, shifting into Mayor Mills, pantsuit and all. She enters the apartment as Henry is getting ready for the Formal, telling Henry, Hook, and Snow that she has banished the Queen, and that Emma is on her way to New York to find the dragon. Of course, she has a few extra precautions should they get wiser, such as a fake voicemail on Hook’s phone. Snow, oblivious as always, hugs the woman and goes on about how the Evil Queen is/was a monster, infuriating her further. After picking a tie for Henry, (Black of course!) She goes to Gold’s shop, where he automatically picks up on her true identity. After a bit of awkward flirting,which is rejected by Gold, she reveals that she is there for The Hammer of Festus, which can only be used to give someone with no magic, magic. She plans to use the hammer to get her son.

The Land of Mirrors

During this, Emma and Regina are of course, useless in the Land of Mirrors. The mirrors give them a way to see what is going on in Storybrooke, but not a way to communicate with the outside world. After a bit of bickering that leads to them bonding over their shared son, Emma remembers that he will be meeting Violet at Granny’s before the dance, and the two women try to find the exact mirror he might be looking into. Once they do however, Henry is oblivious to their presence, even as they bang on the mirror, causing slight vibrations. The Queen arrives, still in Regina mode, and gives Henry a speech about how he is a prince, and Violet is just a commoner, which causes some doubt. What really gives her away however, is when she tells him that posture is everything, something the queen has always pushed. He joins Violet and tells her that the queen is behind him, she comes up with a quick lie about wanting to show her the dress she really wanted. The two leave.

The Finale

The final parts of the episode are some of the redeeming qualities. Aladdin steals the wand, nearly getting caught by Gold, who for some odd reason was spinning gold. Emma and Regina are confronted by the dragon, who is being controlled by the Queen, and escape with the help of Henry who smashes the Queen’s mirror in her vault. Hook is actually useful for once after he takes the Queen hostage by hook. Zelena takes the wand and begins to use it for Belle, when they are of course, caught by Rumple who slaps a golden cuff onto Belle, causing him to be able to track her. Rumple and the queen have another encounter (once again, EW!) and he says that she has to kill Zelena if she wants them to be together. Also, Aladdin has an empty genie lamp, or one that may contain Jafar.

Final Review

This episode was alright, it wasn’t stellar, nor was it bad. It had some nice twists, but was also a little bland in terms of actual character development. I feel like the creators are shoving Evil Queen and Gold down our throats, and I don’t agree with it at all. I personally love Rumbelle, (Beauty and the Beast Fan here) and I hate that the creators seem to be intent on breaking them up, and making Belle the bad guy. I sincerely love the show as a whole, but after this past season it’s going to take a lot of up in the next episodes to improve this season.